Happy Home modern pre-fabricated houses are the result of cooperation between the best architects and engineers. Large glass surfaces bring light and nature indoors, and the simple form is suitable for the seashore or the forest.

Finishing and Materials

Happy Home houses are designed to exist in the middle of nature, which is why only natural, hypoallergenic and high quality materials are used in the finish. Materials that have been used throughout the house are wood, glass and natural stone, and one is free to choose from among different finishing solutions.

High quality

Happy Home houses are made from cross laminated timber that is prepared using innovative technology. Cross laminated timber is a strong, durable and environmentally sound building material.

Fast construction time

The advantage of cross laminated timber is the fast construction time, since the house shell is assembled in 2–3 days. The turn-key solutions for our element houses will be completed within three to four months

Low energy cost

Happy Home houses are spacious and bright, while also being energy efficient.

Environmentally sound

Cross laminated timber is a natural, environmentally sound and renewable building material, with a positive CO2 balance. By purchasing a wood house you are helping to preserve Estonian nature.


Happy Home houses come with a two year guarantee.


The plans for our houses can be altered, rooms can be added or an individual project ordered.

Award winning

House Japan took home the title of best private residence in the competition Pre-Fabricated House of the Year 2018.