Pre-fabricated house Harmony

31m2 - 92 m2 -from 54 000€

House Harmony is a well-thought-out residential building that is compact while at the same time spacious, offering all modern comforts and conveniences. House can be ordered in sizes of 31m2, 46m2, 77m2 or also 92m2. A number of different plans are available: multiple bedrooms, different kitchen solutions, and variants with and without a sauna, which we can adapt to meet your needs.

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The house can be ordered as simply a box or a turn-key solution along with lighting and sanitary wares. You can also choose between different types of interior and exterior fishing. We also offer special solutions and adjust existing projects based on need. Happy Home modular homes are a fast, reasonable and stylish solution to buying a new house!



House Harmony

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Pre-fabricated House Harmony is a stylish and fast solution:

  • As a summer home or compact private residence
  • Home office, hobby room, painting studio, exercise room, yoga room, etc.
  • A first home for a young couple or a guest house
  • A home for your parents or grandparents to live in, so that they can be closer to you.
  • By using several Happy Home houses you can create your own housing complex. Each house is like a private suite. For an Airbnb business – if you have the land then make it work for you.
  • You name it!


from 54 000€


from 65 000€


from 99 900

Why do we make houses out of cross laminated timber in particular?

  • Cross laminated timber is a natural and healthy construction material, which ensures a good indoor climate and air in your home.

  • Cross laminated timber is very strong and durable. It is also used in the construction of large apartment buildings and bridges.

  • In comparison with a wood frame house, the walls are strong, soundproof and don’t creak.

  • Cross laminated timber has high fire resistance and a positive CO2 balance.

  • Cross laminated timber is a renewable and environmentally friendly material.

  • By using cross laminated timber you can obtain up to 10% more living space.

  • By purchasing a cross laminated timber house, you are helping to preserve our nature, are caring for your health, and supporting Estonian designers and the timber industry!

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If you would like additional information or a more detailed price list, then call or write to us.

Pre-fabricated house Bremen

Pre-fabricated house Bremen

120 M2 / PRICE FROM 189 000€

Outdoor kitchen

Outdoor kitchen Cheerful

19 M2 / PRICE FROM 17 200€