Pre-fabricated house Bremen

120 m²

House Bremen is a spacious residence, with high ceilings, large glass walls and functional planning, which brings together within its walls everything that is desired in a modern home. The house has three bedrooms, along with spacious closets, an open living room, dining room and kitchen, a sauna with bath and anteroom, a bathroom and toilet, a utility room, an entry hall with a spacious closet, and a technical room.

Pre-fabricated house

The house is provided with light and spaciousness by the floor-to-ceiling glass wall in the open living room, extending up to 4.3 metres in height. Roof beams have been left visible in the living room ceiling as a design element and one wall is made from cross laminated timber that has been lightly glazed. There is a fireplace in the living room, which creates a cosy atmosphere and provides warmth. It is possible to choose the location of the fireplace.
The house has mechanical ventilation with heat recovery and a nearly zero energy certificate and underfloor water heating.
You are free to select the heating appliance, and a domestic water circulation pump has been installed in the house, which helps to significantly conserve water use.
The floor plan for the house can be partially altered, and you are also free to select finishing materials.

The house is completed quickly. Construction of the turn-key solution will be ready within three to four months.



Pre-fabricated house installation

Easier than expected

Advantages of the pre-fabricated House Bremen

  • A large glass façade and high ceilings, which extend up to 4.3 metres in the living room and up to 2.75 metres in the bedroom, provide plenty of light and spaciousness.
  • The project was developed by a recognised architect and engineers, and is stylish and functional.
  • A home that meets your needs. You are free to select the finishing materials and alter the plan.
  • Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery and a nearly zero energy certificate ensures fresh air and energy efficiency.
  • Cross laminated timber and SPU insulation provide the house with good thermal resistance and ensure excellent energy efficiency.
  • A domestic water circulation pump is installed in the house, which helps to significantly conserve water use.
  • Energy Class B ensures low heating costs
  • The floor plan can be partially altered and, if necessary, bedrooms or a garage can be added

Useable floor space


Factory package

51 550€


from 228 550€

Why do we make houses out of cross laminated timber in particular?

  • Cross laminated timber is a natural and healthy construction material, which ensures a good indoor climate and air in your home.

  • Cross laminated timber is very strong and durable. It is also used in the construction of large apartment buildings and bridges.

  • In comparison with a wood frame house, the walls are strong, soundproof and don’t creak.

  • Cross laminated timber has high fire resistance and a positive CO2 balance.

  • Cross laminated timber is a renewable and environmentally friendly material.

  • By using cross laminated timber you can obtain up to 10% more living space.

  • By purchasing a cross laminated timber house, you are helping to preserve our nature, are caring for your health, and supporting Estonian designers and the timber industry!

Do you have any questions?

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