Outdoor kitchen Cheerful

19 m² - 31m² al. 17 200€

The outdoor kitchen Cheerful is a spacious and bright place, where you can enjoy good food, beautiful surroundings and long nights with those close to you. The outdoor kitchen is made from cross laminated timber and the structure is surrounded on up to three sides by glass sliding walls. In the fall and winter the walls protect you against the cold, wind and rain, and can be moved out of the way on warm summer days.

Additional info

You can choose between different sizes, plans, finishing solutions and the location and number of glass sliding walls. We also offer special solutions and adjust existing projects based on need.


Pre-fabricated house Harmony installation

Easier than expected

Useable floor space

15m2 - 312

Completion time

1 - 2 months


2 years

Why do we make houses out of cross laminated timber in particular?

  • Cross laminated timber is a natural and healthy construction material, which ensures a good indoor climate and air in your home.

  • Cross laminated timber is very strong and durable. It is also used in the construction of large apartment buildings and bridges.

  • In comparison with a wood frame house, the walls are strong, soundproof and don’t creak.

  • Cross laminated timber has high fire resistance and a positive CO2 balance.

  • Cross laminated timber is a renewable and environmentally friendly material.

  • By using cross laminated timber you can obtain up to 10% more living space.

  • By purchasing a cross laminated timber house, you are helping to preserve our nature, are caring for your health, and supporting Estonian designers and the timber industry!

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Pre-fabricated house Jaapan

Pre-fabricated house Jaapan

179 M2 / PRICE FROM 234 000€

Pre-fabricated house Harmony

Pre-fabricated house Harmony

46 m2 / PRICE FROM 65 000€