Happy Home pre-fabricated houses blend in well with nature and stand the test of time in terms of their construction quality and architecture. Nordic standards have been followed when designing the houses and very high quality and natural materials have been used during their construction. Large glass surfaces and open views bring light and nature indoors. Timber has been used in interior as well as exterior finishing, providing the home with a cosy feeling while creating a whole out of the building. Cross laminated timber is an environmentally friendly and renewable construction material with a positive CO2 balance.

By purchasing a cross laminated timber house from us, you are preserving nature, keeping your health, and supporting Estonian designers and the timber industry!

Why choose us?


Timeless design and architecture


Natural and allergy free


Nordic standards

Energy savings

Energy Class A or B ensures low heating costs


We offer 2 year guarantees

Fast installation

House in place in 1-2 days